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Organization Register No. F-38689 (Mumbai) ISO 9001:2015 Organization

Our Vision

To work and care for the underpriviledged, vulnerable and unheard and improve their way of life and in a small, very minute way- help heal India.

Mission 2020

By 2020, we plan to cover a minimum of 50 schools in and around rural Maharastra and covert a minimum of 20 of these schools to Digital Education Institutes. We plan to work and we plan to work quickly.

Out Mission

Akshara envisions a future with women leaders, knowledge driven youth, work-oriented and happy citizens with no caste or income disparity, working collectively for themselves and for others in an effort to make India a better place to live in, for everyone.

Our battle is against poverty, disparity, hunger, and isolation for those who are miserable, unheard and without hope. And what we have conquered till now counts for just a drop in the ocean. Its deep waters and we plan to go deeper still.