The world is becoming a digital playground !!! Alas not for all… still a large population who is struggling to meet their basic needs. There are little children who are struggling to find their parents, a place known as ‘Home’. For them the world means the closed doors of their Orphanage which provides them a shelter, food and basic education.

Their connection with outside world is almost zero, they aren’t aware what is happening around the world and they get disconnected from the people around when they step out the orphanage once they stand on their own.

Eventhough the Children’s Home of Chembur which is one of the largest orphanages of Mumbai, takes full care of these helpless children, they lack confidence and knowledge in comparison to children who stay with families. Chembur Children’s Home does have a library, however due to limited teachers in the school; the kids are not able to get guidance for inculcating reading habits.

The founders of Akshara Samajik Prathisthan, an NGO based in Mumbai, have observed this gap when they have visited the orphanage many times. The founders have decided to do something different for the kids apart from doing regular activities of donating books, school uniforms etc, and so the idea of starting Digital School picked up.

Akshara Samajik Prathisthan, is actively involved in social activities for rural children and rural women. The NGO is actively working towards child education and women empowerment in tribal and rural villages near Vashind district, Mumbai.  The NGO has set up lot of digital schools in these rural villages and the results are amazing. The school children are not just enjoy studying in the digital classrooms but they grow up as confident and knowledgeable citizens.

The NGO has therefore proposed to convert the existing classroom into digital classroom with installation of projector and LED. The work will start with renovation of the classroom which is not in good situation as of now.  The entire classroom then will be painted with pictures of mathematical tables, animals, birds etc, the windows which are broken will be repaired, and the wall ceilings are leaking will also undergo repairing. Most important the children will get tables and chairs to study.  The work is exhaustive, however keeping in view the future of children who will be benefited out of this the work undertaken is highly appreciable.

The NGO is seeking help from all of you …you too can become proud donor, can become volunteers and visit the site to see the developments with your own eyes. The NGO invite socially responsible donors like you, to participate in this noble cause.

Are YOU the one?

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